Here’s a video I discovered over at Daniel Caylor’s blog On Animation. The video is a bit long, but I promise you, it’s worth it.

Such a wonderful message. I think you can compare the process of making art to the man’s planting trees. Each day you go out and you plant seeds. Never once did that man stop to think about the long-lasting impacts of what he was doing. Each and every day he did something simple and fundamental. And, over time, the work grew on its own into something magnificent, life changing, and life giving. Art may not be something as grand and as tangible as a forest, but can certainly change people’s lives. Each day, do something simple and fundamental. When the man plants a seed, he doesn’t think about whether or not it will succeed; or even if any of the seeds that day, that week, or that month will grow—he just keeps planting. Each and every seed is nurtured and cared for, whether it grows into something great or not. Through sheer persistence and quiet dedication, he builds his life’s work. Just as one tree doesn’t make up the entire forest, one piece of art doesn’t sum up an artist’s masterpiece. It’s built one seed at a time—failure after failure after failure.