Here's a YouTube link to a tv special from one of my favorite comedians--John Pinette.  (You can watch the whole thing if you follow the related videos at the end.)  I could watch this special over and over again and still laugh every time (and I have).  He's got such a unique and entertaining way of telling stories.  I think if someone else was telling the same stories they wouldn't have the same impact that they do for me.  They don't make many comedians like this any more.  There's no gags, no jokes, no swearing, no sex, no Seinfeld observations about airline food.  Just a guy on stage, being himself and talking about his life.  That's an entertainer.

Part of what makes him unique is his great sense of timing, but also he's got fantastic facial expressions.  His face is so flexible, especially when he's mad.  Even when he's angry it's still funny and appealing.  There are so many expressions and gestures that are completely unique to him.  It's the coolest thing as an animator to be able to study someone who has such a specific and entertaining personality.

Here's a handful of screens that I grabbed of facial expressions that made me laugh.